Sunday, May 22, 2016

Self Portrait

This is my self portrait. I used regular pencil for the drawing of me and then used prismacolor for the butterflies and the background. I chose to do myself in pencil and the butterflies in color because I wanted them to pop and I think it worked out.


The piece actually turned out quite different from what I had planned, because I made myself too big and didn't leave too much room for all the butterflies I planned to do- I wanted to do a bunch at the bottom of it but it didn't work out that way. I am happy, though, with how it turned out and I like it a lot. I tried to arrange the piece in an aesthetically pleasing way and I made every butterfly different.


I would say the piece makes me feel just happy and free- because of the butterflies. It doesn't really symbolize anything specifically so I am leaving it up the viewer to interpret it how they like. But I think butterflies can symbolize change and starting anew. It reminds me of the new live action Cinderella because she has butterflies on her dress.

Judgment or Evaluation
I think some of the things that I could have done better were make the background more smooth or make it match it better. I also would have done more shading on the face. In real life it looks better and my face looks less white but on the picture it looks like I did no shading. I think this is the best drawing of  person I have ever done and I love the hair. I practiced a while to get the technique down. I love the butterflies- I think they turned out very well. I'd also say my piece is pretty original. I don't think anyone did anything like this.

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