Thursday, May 28, 2015

Plaster- Extra Credit

I used a granola bar box and filled it in with plaster to create my sculptures shape. I then carved it out and created designs on the sides, not particualarlly having a plan so it was sort of abstract. But it ended up having a theme a theme I did not realize- spongebob! Flowers clouds on the top, spongebob on the ends, curved lines on the side like water, and triangles the could be Patrick.

Foil Saggar Project

For this foil saggar project, I made a sculpture out of clay. There are two pieces and they fit together. At the top is a hole the shape of a star, I'll probably use this as a pencil holder or something.
We fired it in the kiln and then used leaves, sticks, copper, grass, etc. to help create cool looking pieces of art. I wrapped it in tin foil and then fired it, although it didn't get to finish, I think it turned out pretty cool looking!

Final Exam

1.What is a technique you used in your artwork that worked well? Explain what technique it was and why it was successful.
A technique that worked well and that I enjoyed very much was relief. We did a few projects at the beginning of the year that included relief: a clay tile, cardboard, and then I made a larger cardboard one. I think it was successful because it was more 2d and that is more my style. But the point of relief is to make something on a 2d platform appear 3d, as you carve around it and the shape pops out.

2.Which project was your most successful? Describe the theme and or topic and the process you went through to complete the project.
One of my most successful projects that I was very happy with was my map-weaved basket. I cut out strips of maps and weaved it into this basket. It was pretty difficult but I think it looks so cool. There are so many things happening at one time when you weave a basket and its hard to keep track of it all but I think this was my most successful project because I was able to complete this hard task.

3.Do over: If given the opportunity, which project would you do over? Describe why and how you would redo this project. Reasons might include choosing a different theme, using a different medium or creating a different idea completely.
The project I would do over is probably the foil saggar project. I was happy with how mine turned out but I would like to make another one and try to see if I can make a better one. I think it just takes practice.

4.Sketchbook: pick any warm-up from your sketchbook that you found beneficial, interesting or simply felt you handled well. Describe the activity and reason for selecting it above the others.
One of our illustration Fridays was "sound". So I drew a Harp because I play the harp, and I think it's one of my best drawings. I am very happy with it and how it turned out.

5.Pick two pieces that show how you have grown as an artist.  Compare and contrast how you’ve grown, how the projects are related, and what you thought of each.
Two projects I did are the animal head (owl) and vessel (box). They were both made out of clay and I think it really shows how I grew and how much better I got at handling clay. I don't love my owl- it's cute but not very realistic. I think I did much better on my box which I enjoyed making and really love. I didn't spend enough time on the animal head.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


My dwelling is made out of pipe cleaners. I used pastel-ish colors that went together. I bent them together and twisted them around each other to create a house. I weaved the floor and created windows, a door, and a roof (which I also weaved). I used thinner pipe cleaners to make details like the siding on the side of the house and on the door. It was pretty fun to make and relatively easy. The only problem I ran into was making all the sides and lengths proportionate.