Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Progression Drawing

This is my progression drawing, and it is of a hershey kiss unwrapping. The first one shows the wrapped hershey kiss, and by the end it is completely unwrapped with the wrapper in a ball next to it. I think it looks good, but there is not much consistency, like the hershey kiss in the second picture is a lot darker than in the third and fourth. But overall I like it! It looks kinda cool.

Jolly Rancher

We started a project where we have to draw something with transparency, so I am drawing a Jolly Rancher which is inside of a wrapper. We could use either the chalk pastel or the prismacolor, so I decided to use the prismacolor. I didn't quite finish but I like what I have done so far! I think it could look a little better but I think its pretty good.

Saturday, March 19, 2016


We started on chalk pastels which are really cool! I like using them and being able to blend the colors together. Its messy but fun. We drew eggs and I am pretty happy with them. The only thing I would do is go back and fix the shadows because one of them is way darker than the others and it looks a little off but I like my eggs and the colors I used> I especially like the blue one.

Prismacolor dum dum

I'm actually really proud of this drawing!! I think it's my best piece from this class so far. I like using the prismacolor colored pencils a lot, and mostly I just like using color. So this one was fun for me. I think I'm getting better at drawing things by looking at them in real life instead of looking at a picture. I tried to use more colors than I actually saw in the lollypop, so I added more greens and through out the dum dum. Through this piece I learned that you have to start doing light layers in prismacolor and then add darker and darker layers until it's all smooth and how you want it to look. Overall I liked this project!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Still Life

1.Describe the craftsmanship of your drawing.
I used pencil to create a realistic still life drawing with shading.
2.Are your values and shadows realistic? How many values did you include? How and why are values important?
I tried to use as many values as I could but I probably could have gone a little darker. Values are important because they show the shadows and how the light hits to object. It's what creates a realistic look.
3.Is there a clear source of lighting?
I probably could have done a little better with this but I think the lighting looks pretty good
4.How important were the compositional sketches. Explain.
The compositional sketches were important because I got to figure out which objects I liked drawing more and experimented with a few different things. I chose one of the compositional sketches to do for my final still life piece.
5.How is your final drawing successful?
My final drawing is successful because I was able to draw the whole thing and include values, shadows, and realistic features of the still life object.
6.Are the proportions, structure and perspective of the subject correct?
I think the proportions, structure, and perspective are mostly right. The only thing is that I feel like the objects don't match up because some are more realistic and some are more impressionistic-like.
7.Does the placement & grouping of objects create a pleasing arrangement (composition)?
I tried to pick a spot in the still life that had pieces I would like to draw but also an arrangement that was pleasing to whomever looking at my still life, so I think I did well with this.
8.Is there a center of interest and is it well located?
The center of interest is probably the elephant, because it is mostly in the middle of the piece.
9.How well did you manage your time and resources throughout the process of creating this drawing? Do you see where you could improve in this area?
I think I managed my time well in class.
10.What challenges did you encounter during this project and how did you overcome them?
I had trouble doing the flower at the top but I just decided to go for it and I think I did pretty well with it!
11.What have you learned drawing a still life?
While drawing this still life, I have learned what I am good at drawing and what I am not good at drawing. I have also learned that I need to stop being "afraid of the dark" and just go darker with my values because it will create a more realistic look. I have also learned that I really like using color in my pieces so this was a little difficult for me, to do the whole thing in pencil.
My composition sketches: