Thursday, August 29, 2013

Frog Tongue

This was our second project on Photoshop, and it was interesting... We had to take a picture of a frog and put it on the tongue of the person in this picture.  It's not my best work, I liked doing the pancakes better and you can sorta see the line where I attached the frog to the tongue, but it's the best I could do.  So we attached the frog, and then we used the copy brush thing to make the frog look like a tongue.  And we added a shadow and did some other things as well. But it's pretty cool!

Angry Pancakes

It is my sophmore year of high school now, and this year, instead of being in art class, I'm taking Computer Art and Animation.  This was our first project, and we used photoshop to make these pancakes look angry... 
First, what we did was we took the pancake picture, and spread the pancakes out until there was a big.. hole thing in the middle.  Then we took this picture of a fish, and cropped, so we would only have the mouth on that layer. Then we made it fit and look good on the pancakes, and we did a few other things to touch it up.
I think this was a pretty good first project!