Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Midterm Post

I think this project, the spray paint project, must have been my most successful project.  It was probably my most accurate project, and worked the best.  I really enjoyed this project as well, because we got to spray paint, and do lots of different things with it.  Really, the only thing that was wrong with it was that some of the colors didn't match up exactly, but they did for the most part.

These are the two projects that I learned from the most.  Shading is probably one of the biggest things I've gotten out of this class.  Now, these projects were not my best... at all.. probably my worst.. but I think I learned most from them.  First, the turtle one taught me a lot about shading, and when to use it and stuff.  The self portrait taught me a lot, like face measurements, and where facial features go and all that.  Shading was also a big part of that project as well.  And, for both of these projects, just drawing in general is what I have improved on.

Printing Project

For this "printing project," first, we printed out pictures of an animal of our choice.  I picked the blue bird.  We also printed out a couple backgrounds that would go with that animal, so that when we draw this, we have an idea of what our animal and the background looks like.  I then drew my blue bird, and my background, which was basically a branch, where the bird would sit.  While drawing, we had to pay attention to how it was going to look on the rubber, which we used to make the print.  I added lines to the bird that kind of went with the flow of it's feathers, so it had texture and looked natural (kinda haha) Then, I put the rubber underneath of the paper, and tracing what I drew, so that it would translate onto the rubber.  Then I used a knife type of thing, and carved out my bird onto the rubber.  All the shaded in parts we cut out as well.  After this was finished, I used a paint roller to roll the paint on my rubber print thing and then laid it on a piece of paper.  It now looks like this! 
This was not the best print that I made, and I have some better ones, but this is basically what it is supposed to look like.  I also added a Santa hat for the fun of it. :)  Also if you turn your head sideways (clockwise) It looks like a weird different kind of bird... I totally did that on purpose..
And also there is my wonderful face (on the right) in the process of this making this project, with my paint roller.

I think this project was really fun and I learned some things from it.  I think I did mostly well on it, but I could have made it a bit more real looking.  Over all, I think i did pretty well!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spray Paint Portraits

This is our work in progress :)
This project was really cool, and fun.  First, Mr. Sands took a picture of us, and we used photoshop to make the picture into only a few colors.  We projected this new photo on the wall and traced one of the colors onto a piece of cardstock, and conntinued this with all the colors.  Then, we cut out all the shapes and used the outline of the shapes to make the above photo. After doing this, we made a frame for the portraits.  We sawed wood and used nails to keep them together.  Then, we staple gunned cardboard to the back.  Taking one of the pieces of cardstock, We stuck it in the frame and spray painted the color that went with that paper.  We continued this and it became the picture that we created in photoshop.  I think this was a really cool project and it was awesome how it al came together in the end, even though it was a really long process.  My project was mostly well done, exept at the end some of it did not line up.  But I think it all looks good.
We just happened to find these yellow and blue flowers while waiting for our paint to dry...

Stencil Self Portrait

For this project, we had to draw ourselves.  We measured most of our head and facial structures and learned where they go, generally.  We learned how to use value, and shading in our portraits, so that it looked more real.  Before this project, we learned how to draw an eye, a nose, a mouth, and hair individually, using a partner, so eventually we would be able to draw this.  I tried to make this look like me (even if it doesn't), and we used a mirror to do so.  I think I did well on this project, especially on the face, but my weakest spot was probably the hair, and the placement of one of the eyes.  Drawing curly hair is hard.  But overall, I think I did really good!