Friday, May 17, 2013

Light Project

In class, we spent a few days "light painting".  Most people reading this probably don't know what that is, so I will explain it.  We basically turned the lights off, and videoed ourselves waving around glow sticks and mini flashlight things.  The video was then compiled into one picture, so that it shows the things we drew with the light.
My group created Zeus with light.  We had someone model as Zeus, I created the lightning bolt with a yellow glow stick, and then we had a green leaf crown and a white outline of the whole body, because he is supposed to kind of glow.
I think this project was really cool, and we got to play around with a lot of things, and learn how do paint a different way.  It was also really fun :)

Monday, May 13, 2013



This part of art, painting, is one that I really like.  We learned about colors, how to mix them and the color wheel and things like that.  And then we learned how to draw clouds and trees, both of which I used in my large canvas painting.  We first went to the lab to pick out references, and printed out possible things that we would like to paint, but it had to be a landscape, or scenery.This was my reference, or the thing that I chose to paint:
Here is me in the process of trying to creating my landscape, which is Schwarzsee, Switzerland, a beautiful place with tons of mountains like the ones in the picture.  I picked this picture because I thought it would end up looking like a really pretty painting, and also because I LOVE Switzerland. (for some odd reason, I have no idea what it is...)
I started out doing the sky, and then the clouds, which is one of the things I'm proud of.  I then started on the mountains and got the basic color and shape of it, along with the lake.  That's pretty much what the picture above is.

The picture below is me finishing up the painting, and I added trees in the mountains and added lighting and reflection to the water.

And then finally, the picture below is my finished piece.   I am pretty proud of this, and I think I have improved a lot.  I worked hard and it paid off.  And I added a boat :)