Wednesday, February 18, 2015


This unit, we learned about relief and created clay tiles and used cardboard. The first mini lesson was the clay tile, and was probably the hardest of the two. I think it was a lot harder to create something out of clay than out of cardboard. I created a hibiscus flower with the clay, and a world map with the cardboard. They both were really fun and cool to make and I am happy with the results!

My final project for the unit was a cardboard relief, in which I carved out a tiger. The way I did it was the opposite of the world map relief. Instead of carving out everything except the tiger, I carved the tiger and kept the rest.

I Take Risks
My first idea for this project was to do something with wax. Like carve the picture out of a candle or something but it didn't work out so I decided just to go with the cardboard. I also couldn't decide if it would look good or not with the pattern and lines of the cardboard but I think it turned out really well and I am happy with it.

I Reflect
The last paragraph sort of goes along with this as well. I wasn't sure if my ideas would work, but it ended up alright. My first idea didn't work but I figured it out and decided on the cardboard, which I think was the best choice!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

3d-Printed Zoetrope Sculptures- First Sculpture Post!

This is my first post of the Sculpture class! John Edmark is an artist who creates these 3d sculptures that become animated when filmed under a strobe light or with the help of a camera with a really short shutter speed. "The rotation speed is synchronized to the strobe so that one flash occurs every time the sculpture turns 137.5 degrees- the golden angle."
Here is some of his work: 

John Edmark is a lecturer at Stanford in the design program of the department of art and art history. I think his work is amazing and inspires me to do the best I can at my art. I really like how when he designs it he can predict and design it so that it will be able to move when using a light or camera. That takes serious art and math skills and it boggles my mind.