Monday, April 22, 2013

Clay and Sculpting

In our library, we are fortunate enough to have a class set of iPads that we are allowed to use for our art class.  There is an app called "123d sculpt" and you can use it to sculpt and make something out of clay on the app.  This is sometimes used for models of something artists are actually going to make, or it can just be used for fun.  We used these iPads and made a model of an actual clay sculpture we were going to make.

This is the model I made, and it is sort of supposed to be like an alien type of thing.  But it has a mustache.
This is the actual clay model I made, but it is different than the model on the iPad because I decided I wanted to do something different.  This is a teddy bear, and if you didn't notice, it has a bow tie  which is probably the most important part of the whole thing.
The bear is hollow, but it has little balls inside, so that when it goes into the kilt and hardens, we can shake it and it will be a rattle thing.  I really like clay, so this was a fun subject for me :)

Mud and Zentangles!

For this unit, which included using mud, and creating zentangles, we did a few projects.  First, we played a little bit with the mud, to get used to the feel and to get ready for up coming projects.  To do this, we went outside our art trailer and painted the sidewalk how ever we like.
Zohara and I decided to paint my shadow!
We used different colored mud to give it a sort of feathery feel to it.
After doing this, we then experimented with colored mud, and painted the sidewalk, but we decided to be a little more creative with it so we painted these large rocks next to our classroom.  And they were also zentangles so they looked really cool.
(Zentangles are basically a bunch of crazy lines and shapes that make a big mess of patterns.)
After practicing the zentangles and working with the mud, we moved to our school's courtyard and painted the walls.
First, we started out painting the outline of my body, to make the shape of the first part of our zentangle.
We then painted inside of it, and created a zentangle.  But, that wasn't enough because we had to paint the whole entire wall that we picked, (which just so happened to be a very large one) so we continued on the outside.  We ended up filling in most of the wall, and making a pretty cool zentangle :)