Thursday, June 2, 2016


1. Describe the subject matter and meaning of your artwork.
The subject of my piece is space and this astronaut who is floating in space just kind of looking at the planet (earth) and taking all the beauty of the universe in. I absolutely love space and the galaxy so I thought being able to include that in my art would be really cool because it can be really deep, too, to the viewer, however they take it.

2. How did you use textures to enhance your picture?
I used texture in my piece with the scratch board, using the exacto knife to cut out the light parts of the piece.

3. How did you balance your artwork and create a well-organized composition
I tried to arrange it in a way that followed to rule of thirds and was pleasing I guess. With the astronaut on the side and nothing directly in the middle.

4. How did you imply movement in your drawing?
I implied movement in the piece with the astronaut- you can kind of imagine him floating in the zero gravity space he is in. Also the stars I think flow a certain way along with earth's slight pollution.

5. How could you improve your artwork?
I could have improved my art by probably adding more stars, if I wanted to. But I don't think it was necessary. It also kind of bothers me that the earth shape doesn't seem like a perfect circle so I could have fixed that.

6. How did you demonstrate a wide range of shading values?
I demonstrated a wide range of shading values with the different lights portrayed in the piece, the stars that are closer/father or bigger/smaller, and then I shaded the astronaut based on the light source and same with the earth.

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